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NewAir Evaporative Coolers

The newair af-1000r is a portable evaporation transcriptor that can be used for either home or small office applications. The evaporative cooler can cool down products to desired temperatures within minutes, making it a great choice for quick and easy customer purchase.

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The newair evaporative coolers are perfect for using portable coolers as a evaporative cooler. The coolers can be used for a variety of reasons, such as when you don't have a room to hot or when you want to cool your down time from a long meeting. The newair evaporative coolers come with a variety of fan speeds, size, and features to make using your coolers a breeze.
the newair evaporative coolers are perfect for cool headed people who are looking for an additional cool air source. This model has a cool air capacity of 470 cfm and comes with a white 470 cfm outdoor cooling fan. It is perfect for businesses that need an additional cool air source should the power usage become too high. And can cool down your space by using evaporative action to produce heat. Additionally, they have a remote red led indicator that will tell you if things are getting too cold for your needs.